King Arthur’s Revenge

King Arthur’s Revenge


The creation of this cigar is all about confidence, self-complexity, and identity.  We started out by creating a masterful blend, bold in flavor, yet still gives you that great tobacco taste.  The complex combination of coconut, almond, chocolate, paired with Hennessy gives off an aroma that fills the room with baking spices, and sweet goodness.  The final third on this cigar is where the Hennessy meets with the other combination of flavors that will leave you desiring more, and more.

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King Arthur’s Revenge

Flavor Profile: Coconut, Almond, Chocolate, and Hennessy

We believe here at H.Class Cigars that the cigar will ultimately create the experience every lover of the leaf is longing for.  That is as simple as, relax, relate, release, and put the smoke on repeat.

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